Magnolia Matters LLC

Based in West Point, Mississippi, Magnolia Matters LLC is our catch-all company for our latest crazy idea(s). Conceptualized in September 2010, Magnolia Matters was designed to house our family's various entrepreneurial efforts under a single legal entity.

In other endeavors, we've been creating things for a long time. For example, we've published online coupons and deals for thousands of retailers since early 1999. Since then we've also provided a variety of articles, money-saving tips, and related content through several blogs and "coupon sites."

For a little history, in February 1999, we launched Shopping-Bargains, our coupon site dedicated to helping people save money shopping online. It’s packed with thousands of coupons, promo codes, free shipping specials, clearance sales, rebates, and other offers.

Several years later we branched out with similar offers for the United Kingdom and Canada. We also experimented with specialized shopping sites for the upscale / luxury markets and the B2B space but ended up rolling them into Shopping-Bargains.

In 2010 we began testing a number of new things and accelerated that process over the next few years. The creation of Businesswright Consulting LLC and the shift from relying so much on Shopping-Bargains made it easier to experiment. In all our projects we hope to challenge others to think outside the box and become more self-reliant (as opposed to dependent upon the government) and free-market oriented.

Who knows what's next? Even we don't but we are excited about our options for the future under Magnolia Matters LLC. Contact us.

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